Press release

Private view: 26th March, 6pm-8pm

26 March – 7 April 2014 

BYCR is pleased to announce the solo show of  Etienne de France with the project RISE, curated by Karina el Helou.

The project RISE was developed by the artist during his residency at the Domaine de Chamarande in France in 2013.

The exhibition RISE comprises two structures from the original installation in Chamarande’s park, photographs and drawings along with a video titled Exploration of a Failure. All produced works link to the reflection of the artist on nature as the ultimate space of resistance and ideological protest.

The original RISE installation in Chamarande was composed of 17 architectural structures fitted on trees and related to each other with ropes referring to the Mesoamerican ruins and models. These geometrical constructs rose within the park as utopian places of retreat and resistance to a built, mapped normalized environment.

In the context of BYCR exhibition, two structures which survived from the installation are shown in their original state, worn by weather condition and time, these tree huts evolve from architecture to a conceptual installation and model of habitat within the gallery. The traces of time on the wooden structures become intrinsically part of the work.

Drawing back from the Romantic tradition in Art and 18th century painting which used imaginary landscapes to reveal human emotions; the photographic series Nature and the series of drawings Exploration of a Failure offer a new interpretation of this idea by extracting from Chamarrande’s landscape abstract forms and colours so that nature becomes a concept and not a space.

The video Exploration of a Failure shows the journey of the artist and his friends into the wild nature. His frustration as shown in the video comes from the fact that his journey becomes practically impossible to achieve without borrowing roads and cars, his failure becomes the subject of the video. But an off voice describes the journey in a mystical way. The voice guides us through an inspiring and philosophical speech to the idea that relationships are the ultimate form of resistance. Just as the ropes connecting all the RISE structures together; human relationships and their special bond are able to create an abstract archipelago and symbolize an ultimate form of resistance towards our systemised and highly architectured world.

Born in Paris in 1984, Etienne lives and works there after having spent seven years in Iceland where he graduated with a BA in Visual Arts in 2008 from the Iceland Academy of Arts in Reykjavik.

Etienne’s work has been mainly shown in public institutions such as Parco Arte Vivente in Torino which exhibited his project Tales of a Sea Cow, this same project was then included in a group show titled Alternative Nomadi-Mediterranea 16 at the MA*GA Museum, Gallarate in Milano in 2013.

Etienne also organised a performance piece at the National Gallery in Reykjavik in 2010 titled Icelandtrain Collection Fashion Show. He also participated in a group show in 2009 titled E-MobiLart at the State Museum of Modern Art in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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