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BYCR is pleased to announce “Flesh and Soul”, the two-person exhibition by Amanda Doran (Ireland, 1987) and Motoko Ishibashi (Japan, 1987).

These two artists, both born in 1987, can be associated harmoniously despite their different origins and subjects portrayed, thanks to their dynamic and chaotic use of colours, their extremely materic painting and to the aesthetic freshness which transpires from their works. Both show a dreamlike vision of the world: but while Doran expresses it in a carnal way, through a crude representation of tattoos and piercings, Ishibashi shows it through a gentle representation of imaginary dreams and objects of her childhood. “Flesh and Soul”, the title of the show, is the result of this contrast, as evidenced by the two different and opposite ways in which the two young artists choose to represent their artistic vision.

Amanda Doran’s work has been defined “Neo Punk”. Doran portrays people normally considered “outsiders” in our society: tattooed people, punks, piercing lovers, those conventionally considered to exist on the fringe of society in general and fine art in particular, considered as representation of beauty. This vision is made less dramatic and expressed in a pleasant way thanks to the brightness of her paintings, which carries viewers to a grotesque experience of her subject’s excess.

Doran participated to “New Order: British Art Today”, a group show including the 17 most representative artists of the UK’s new generation of contemporary artists, exhibited by Saatchi Gallery in London (April 26 – June, 9, 2013).

Motoko Ishibashi is Japanese, but lives and works in London. Her origins are clearly alive in her paintings, which are inspired by Japanese pop tradition and childhood memories. The artist, through a mix of these concepts and explosions of colours, explores the abstract ideas of her imagination and creates aesthetic links between elements that at first sight might appear unrelated.

Recently, one of her works entered the UCL ART Museum collection, as the winner of the William Coldstream Memorial Prize, a prize recognized every year to the most talented student in a particular field.

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